Paul Machado - Guitar/Vocals


Paul's introduction to music started at an early age with much influence from his father. Learning piano at the age of 5 and moving onto the guitar at the age of 7, there was always some form of classic rock nearby. Many of his first experiences were with Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, and Queen, who he credits for his interest in vocals. Other than that, Paul's past is a mystery even to his band members, who are trying to write this bio about him. The world may never know the truth to his history. All we know about him, is that he is weird.

In addition to that, he has a solo EP out now which you should definitely check out. It is very good and will fill enough of your ELI needs until the next full band album. It is called "Elephant Juice." (See? Told you he was weird. We weren't lying) Here is the link:

Some of his major influences as a guitarist, vocalist, and musician in general are The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Guns n' Roses, and Michael Jackson.