ELI was formed in 2010 by Conor and Mike on Halloween night. After bonding over Seether and Slipknot in at high school cross country practice, they had a jam session and clicked right away. They quickly built up their chemistry to become a very tight rhythm section. The only thing that was missing was a guitarist!

After a short few months of searching, they stumbled upon Mr. Jimmy Hart. Jimmy took a lot of inspiration from Avenged Sevenfold and Pantera. This catered to how Conor and Mike met - a bond over metal. They quickly began work on an EP entitled Havok. After coming up with a solid couple of songs, unfortunately things came to a halt. The events that happened are rather confusing, but the end result was Jimmy not in the band. Around that time the two had been introduced to Paul Machado. Taking influence from classic rock such as Led Zeppelin and grunge rock such as Nirvana, he made an interesting fit into the duo's sound. After some discussion, Conor and Mike really enjoyed the chemistry they had with him, along with the talent and commitment he brought to the table. And just like that, he was in the band.

Prior to meeting Mike, Conor was in a band. After a talk with the rest of ELI, he contacted the guitarist from his first band and offered him to play rhythm guitar for this group. He accepted, and ELI welcomed guitarist Connor Clark.

They began to write for their debut album, My Name Is... Once they finished writing, they went to ro3 Audio to record and after a few short weeks, they had made a CD. My Name Is... came out in 2013. As a whole, the album shows all of the different influences of each member well, while also blending them together in an interesting fashion. Shortly after its release however, Connor Clark parted ways with the band on good terms, to focus on college and sports.

A whole year of playing shows and writing goes by and then the trio was ready to record again. This time, they had a total of 19 songs. Instead of cutting many of the tracks, the decision was made as a band to record a double album. From August to October 2014, they once again recorded at ro3 Audio for their 2nd and 3rd album. These collections are called Heroes and Villains respectively. They were released in August and September of 2015.

The next major project is yet to be announced. A music video was released for "Last Train In" off of the album Villains in 2016 to help promote their double album.

As far as what lies ahead, it is yet to be seen, but there are a lot of ideas floating around!


Here is a short collection of major events and venues ELI has played:

  • Food Truck and Rock Carnival 2016
  • The Starland Ballroom
  • America's Got Talent 2015
  • The Crusade 2016
  • The Stanhope House
  • Skate & Surf's Break Contest 2014
  • Fresh From the Garden Tour 2014
  • Six Flag's Fright Fest Battle 2013

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